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The purpose of Master Contractors is to unite and represent the national interests of contractors in the horticulture, viticulture and other seasonal industries.

Our aim is to help contractors become recognised as professionals by employers and potential employees.  Being part of one single organisation we have a much stronger collective voice to facilitate growth and sustainability for the industry as a whole.

As a New Zealand Master Contractor you will receive:

  • Membership to the national contractor group
  • Registration to the Master Contractors’ website
  • A Master Contractors Best Practice folder
  • Recognition for compliant business practice
  • Advocacy - NZMC can represent the individual interests of contractors with industry/governent etc
  • Collective Negotiation - The Association is in the position of being more powerful than the individual members.  The Association can negotiate on behalf of the members on all aspects of employment, working to defend the best interests of each indivdual Contractor
  • Competitive Edge - NZMC can give a competitive edge since it gives access to the latest industry and government agency news.
  • Education - NZMC can offer valuable resources for its members to acquire further skills and develop their business practices.
  • Build a level Playing field - Support for NZMC enables the Association to lobby more powerfully to eliminate illegitimate operators.
  • Discounts - with increased membership and buying power, the Association can obtain specail discounts and pricing for members

In addition you will be able to network with like-minded contractors, interacting with other regions, and by promoting excellence you will help increase confidence in the contracting industry.