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To represent, protect and build a strong organisation that provides a sustainable high
quality service to our customers.


To be the preferred provider of Contract services to the Horticultural and Viticultural Industry in NZ.


New Zealand Master Contractors Inc. (NZMCI) has been formed by the horticulture and viticulture contracting industry, in association with The Labour Inspectorate, to acknowledge and reward compliance and best practice.

Our aim is to provide employers with a reliable, skilled and professional labour force and help improve sustainability and productivity in the horticulture, viticulture and seasonal industries.

If domestic sales are taken into account, the horticulture/viticulture industry is worth $NZ 6 billion - making it New Zealand's sixth largest industry

Contractors are significant employers in the industry alongside growers and post harvest facilities, particularly during the peak picking season; without Contractors the Horticulture /Viticulture industry would not function

However, there is continuing pressure to incur cost and achieve compliance with a range of employment, immigration, health and safety and various quality assurance programmes.  Unfortunately there is also a significant number of non-compliant and fringe “cowboy” operators who continue in business with no aspiration to meet these requirements.

Master Contractors is the voice of the Contracting industry and can represent your interests as a small /medium business enterprise in trying to deal with these challenges.

The Master Contractors organisation has access to the higher levels of the Government Departments such as Labour Inspectorate and Ministry of Social Development.  We have made a powerful submission to ACC for a reduction in the Levy paid by Contractors.  The submission represented Liable Earnings of $63m for the Contracting Industry and we believe that these collective numbers offer the prospect of a greater chance of success than the separate and individual submissions of Contractors.

Similarly, we meet with the senior executives of industry bodies such as Horticulture NZ, New Zealand Kiwifruit Growers Inc, NZ Winegrowers and Apples and Pears New Zealand and at these meetings we use the opportunity to advance the interests of our industry members who are good employers and operate compliant businesses.

Finally, we are able to provide a steady flow of information via our website that will enable you to keep up with the latest developments in immigration policy, employment policy and other industry related issues.    This all costs money, and the membership subscription is an important source of funding for us.  Therefore we hope that you will agree that an investment of a little more than $1 per day will provide an excellent return for your business.